Omer Kimhi
Visual Designer Specialised in Motion

Herbal Medicine

︎︎︎ Course Proudction - Now You Know 
June, 2023 

In this course production, I was involved from pre-production, creating shooting references for marketing, to the actual filming process. I crafted market test ads, video ads, and static ads, while also undertaking color correction for the videos. Additionally, I curated beauty sequences that became integral components of the trailer. Notably, several of the ads I created emerged as our top-performing promotional materials for the course.

Marketing Test Ads  pre proudction tests for the course

Marketing Shooting Refrence  pre proudction tests for the course

Color Correction  presets for the course and the marketing footage

Marketing Campain Ad Sets build from two main ad’s styles - tralier edits ads & native ads (UGC) staic/video